Go Team USA !

There are lots of things going on that continue to make WAGC Team USA  the choice for competitive amateur golfers across the United States. As of this writing two new regions have been added. Greg Reynolds from the Atlanta area will be Tournament Director for the Georgia Region and Daniel McGee from Snohomish, WA will be Tournament Director for a new Northwest Region.

Reality TV/Web Series Pilot

Amateur golfers ARE the lifeblood of the golf industry. We buy the rounds at the course, apparel off the shelves, equipment, and lessons from the pros. We provide revenue for golf courses, golf apparel and equipment wholesalers & retailers around the globe and provide *2 million jobs and $55 billion in income in the process. The professionals historically get all the recognition and consequently the camera time. That is about to change!

WAGC Team USA has commissioned the production of a Reality TV/Web series pilot that will begin production immediately. Cameras will be rolling at the October WAGC Players Championship at Marine park Golf Course in Brooklyn, NY as well as getting some behind the scenes and backstory footage of WAGC members on their quest to make it to the World Finals. The pilot will be used for sponsor presentations to fund the full series and to showcase amateurs of all levels vying to become World Champions.

*“The golf industry supports nearly 2 million jobs in the United States and more than $55 billion in wage income”…http://www.pga.com/pga-america/pga-feature/pga-promotes-industry-employment-in-12th-annual-jobs-in-golf-month

Leveraging Social Media For Success

Golf is a social game and social media has become the primary communications tool for this era. Of the 3 billion people on the planet that have internet….2/3 of them have a Facebook account. Video post on social media are shared 1200% more than text and image posts combined. The math is pretty straight forward and actually (directly) points to the path of our future. We’ll be leveraging video and social media to tell our story to the United States and the world. Coming this fall, WAGC TV will showcase Team USA Tournament Directors, players, schedules, and news & updates about our great organization and it’s people.

Join Team USA

If you’re an amateur golfer with a handicap of 0 – 25 and would like to represent Team USA, join us! September is “Membership Month”. Our normal annual membership of $189 is reduced to $139 just for the month of September… and members get better rates for tournament entry.

Keep up with Team USA here on this website (http://wagc.us)

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