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WAGC Am Tour Membership Options!

A WAGC AM Tour Membership isn’t required to compete in any WAGC Am Tour Event. A Tour membership is however required to participate in the WAGC Am Tour US National Championship and compete for a position on TEAM USA.

1 Year   – $  100

  • WAGC Am Tour Welcome Gift
  • Discounted entry at LOCAL and NATIONAL MAJOR Tournaments
  • Play Local, Regional and National Tournaments
  • Earn Tournament Points for the season long National Player of the Year
  • Eligible to Compete at the WAGC Am Tour US National Championship
    • the US National Championship is open to Members Only
  • Eligible to compete for TEAM USA
  • Eligible to compete at the WAGC World Finals

*Annual membership and minimum number of WAGC Am Tour Qualifying rounds required to be eligible and compete in the US National Championship)

*membership period is 365 days!

When you win your flight in other National Championships……you go home.

When you win your flight at the WAGC National Championship, you’ve earned an all-expense paid trip to places like, Sapin, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa and others, to represent TEAM USA against 40+ other countries!

Sign up and come be part of the best Amateur Golf Championship in the world!!!