To the past and present members of Team USA, I would like to say first that these emails are very inspiring and I will represent Team USA with honor. This is by far the best achievement that I have besides being a father and I did have to hold back tears when I told my family what transpired at Nationals.  I look forward to being a part of Team USA 2016 and bringing home the team trophy. Like everyone, I am very humbled and honored to go to South Africa and wear the red, white, and blue. Let’s all come together and make great things happen.

Patrick Prince

Houston Texas , Handicap 0.8

Team USA gave me the opportunity to live something through an amazing game that if I would have done exactly the same every day on my own, I would have never experienced even half the things I did because of the organization of the WORLD GOLFERS AMATEUR TOUR. 

In the local events you can create friendships and competitive relations, at the regional and majors you prove to the players from other areas what you can really do and also create some relations and get to look in the eye sometimes that guy that is stirring the waters in your pond. Then at the national championship you get to either take down or be taken down by those that threaten your position, and when you can not rise above them, just like in the pro tour you can always try again next year!! 


Miami Florida , Handicap 5.4

The game of golf is unique in the way it can bring people from diverse backgrounds together in the spirit of camaraderie and competition, and my experience in Antalya with Team USA in 2015 was a great example of that. Social, political and economic differences were disregarded, language barriers were overcome, and despite being in Turkey for only 6

 days, I forged friendships with people from all over the globe that will last a lifetime. While the main purpose of the trip was golf, the fondest memories of my time with Team USA have nothing to do with golf and everything to do with the amazing people I met and shared that wonderful experience with.

Congrats to Team USA 2016, and I hope your time in Durban is as memorable as my time in Turkey was.

Oh, and bring home some hardware while you’re at it!!


Port Orange Florida , Handicap 1.2

It was both my pleasure and honor to be the Captain of the 2015 Team USA in Antalya,Turkey. I can’t put into words the thrill of carrying in the United States Flag and waving it back and forth in front of a full convention hall and planting it on the stage with unbridled passion and pride! My dad came with me and we had a father-son moment like no other you can experience unless you are an Olympic athlete. The camaraderie, team chemistry, meeting people and befriending them from all over the world is unmatched in any event I ever played in. The golf courses and the gift exchange on the first tee make this event just what it should be. If a player ever gets a chance for this great honor, to represent the country, It will leave you speechless, full of pride, humble and will enrich your life in ways you could never imagine.


Miramar Florida , Handicap 7.0

I can say without reservation that my experience as a member of the 2013 team was the greatest moment of my golf “career.”  The competition was a held in Durban, South Africa with almost as much pageantry and grandeur as the Olympics.  It is, in fact, as Sven Tumba envisioned, our, the amateur golfer’s, Olympics.  Right from the opening ceremonies you could tell something special was happening.  Fortunately, my family also attended so my wife and children were a part of the experience.  We watched as 44 countries representatives marched in bearing their nation’s flag.  It was impressive and only got better from there. 

 I’m still trying to make that team again and I’m enjoying every minute of it.


Miami Florida , Handicap 5.7

I have competed in USA National Championship every year since 2013 with only one goal, ‘to make it to the TEAM USA and represent USA in World Championship’. I achieved this goal in 2016. Now there is a bigger goal, ‘bring home the World Championship trophy’.
WAGT has been providing a well run event and a platform for golfers of all skill levels to complete and to taste PGA tour-like experience. This tour always challenged me to do better, from being totally new to the game of golf, to being a single digit handicap  golfer, in just a short few years.
I am so much honored, excited and humbled to represent the USA and looking forward to soak in what World Championship has to offer. Go team USA 2016….!!!


Marion Iowa, Handicap 9.0

Team USA took me out of the country for my first time. I was lucky enough to play in my first National only an hour from my house, otherwise I dont think I would have been able to play in It. It was a rough year with my father’s passing and having to help my mother and sister with the struggles of life without him. I drove 2 of the 3 days back and forth instead of staying at the hotel. After a not so perfect 2 days of playing I made up 9 strokes on day 3 to win and be able to go to play for team USA in Turkey and represent my country that my father fought for in the marines. After the final results came out and everyone I played against came up to me and congratulated me it was the hardest thing in the world to hold back tears of joy. Being in the WAGC for 2 years now and playing in a few majors all over the USA I feel like I have another family. Its a great competitive atmosphere with great players and great directors that will help you in anyway they can.


Wurtsboro New York , Handicap 11.4

I started golfing in 2007 and learned by playing tournament golf. By 2011 I was excited to be able to play on the invitational team with Anders. I had an amazing time and met interesting and memorable people that I was blessed to call friends. The next year in 2012 I made the USA team. My pride and excitement was immeasurable. I had a taste of it the year before and wanted it bad. The friendships I had forged the year before was reignited when I came back down for the team event. Its a chance of a lifetime that few get to experience and many want.  I am again filled with pride for our RED WHITE and BLUE and the 2016 team. Enjoy and soak up all that you can. It will be something you’ll remember till you can’t anymore.


Canton Michigan , Handicap 12.4

In the realm of Amateur Golf there are only two stages, of which I am aware, for representing your Country. One is the Walker Cup and the other is The World Amateur Golfers Tour.

Since most of us are beyond our young amateur days, The WAGC presents the best opportunity to accomplish what most golfers can only imagine.

The experience of being an Ambassador and Representative of Team USA, on a “world stage”, is one I will cherish and always be grateful for.

Thank You  WAGC for the opportunity!


Louisville Kentucky, Handicap 12.3

I was in Florida on vacation with my wife. As an avid golfer I searched the internet for a golf event of any kind to take part in, and came across the WGAC and a Major taking place very close to where we were staying. The two day event was a blur. I came in dead last at +43. I do remember meeting some really nice people. I made the decision to join the Tour and go to the National Championships and I won…The rest of my story is surreal. I met a bunch of strangers at JFK who were to be my teammates. We finished higher than any USA Team before us. When Team USA was announced at the awards dinner I felt something greater than I can ever remember feeling in my life.


Oakland Gardens New York , Handicap 13.6

As a prior member of the US. Air Force, my first win at the National Championship in 2012 did not prepare for becoming Team Captain in 2014. The sense of pride was overwhelming as I stood there with the United States flag in my hand and paraded it in front of 44 nations. I knew then, that the WAGC was the closest thing we amateur golfers would get to be in the Olympics. The emotions were like none I have ever experienced.


Jacksonville Florida , Handicap 17

I was honored to represent the 2013 USA Team at the World Golf Invitational in Durban, South Africa.  I spent 9 years in the US Navy and met people for all around the world, but nothing can compare to wearing the red, white and blue in a world wide competition.  From the minute we met at JFK for a team picture until we returned a week later, the entire experience was top shelf.  We were treated like VIPs in everything we did.  The golfing and events were exceptional.  The best moments were meeting other golfers and exchanging pins, besides bringing home an individual trophy for Old Glory.  For this occasion, I purchased an American Flag wind shirt, which I proudly wore during an inclement round.  Today, in the corner of my office, that wind shirt and trophy sit in a shadow box next to my personalized USA tour bag.  I sit and relive the wonderful experience from that trip and think of how blessed I was to have the opportunity to play in such and event.  I look back at my decision to join the WAGC as one of the best things that I have even done.


Trumbull Connecticut, Handicap 17.0