WAGC 2019 World Finals - Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

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World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC Am Tour) & WAGC Team USA

World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC), the largest amateur golf championship in the world, is currently played in 40+ countries around the globe. It is a flighted tournament structure, so players are only competing against other players with the same skill level.

Members of WAGC Am Tour play year along at our local events to qualify for the National Championship. The winners of each of five flights earn the privilege to play for WAGC TEAM USA against 40+ countries.  Members of WAGC TEAM USA get free airfare to the World Final, free hotel, food, TEAM USA golf bag, uniform, 6 rounds of golf and more.

No other Amateur golf tournament can offer you all of this.  Become a member today and start earning points at your own pace.

Do you have a handicap between 0 and 25? Male or female? Do you like to travel? Would you like to represent USA?
If you answer YES to these questions, then this tournament is for you.

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