Players Handbook

WAGC USA Tournament Player’s Handbook


What is the World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC)?

Currently played in over 40 countries, the WAGC is the world’s largest and most prestigious amateur golf tournament. It’s open to male and female golfers with a handicap of 25 or better.  All tournaments are net stroke play, and are played in flights.

The flights are:


0 – 5.4

5.5 – 10.4

10.5 – 15.4

15.4 – 20.4

20.5 – 25.4


Players from each country compete as a five-man team, and as individuals. The only way to play in this event is to qualify through one’s home country.

The World Final gives an Olympic atmosphere to all golfers, as was the intention of the Swedish founder, Mr. Sven Tumba.  He was an Olympian for the Swedish National Ice Hockey Team many times over, and later became the Scandinavian Master in Golf. The WAGC is his creation!


What is the World Amateur Golfers Invitational?

WAGC started as a true invitational event, but Mr. Tumba was later told that if he wanted this program to become even more successful, he had to create a Championship Flight.  He did so, but decided to keep the Invitational as a place for sponsors, team captains, VIPs, and others. In the Invitational you compete as a two-man team, as well as for an individual title of World Amateur Champion. The invitational is being held in conjunction with the Championship.


Past Host Countries for the World Final

The tournament has been played every year since 1995 in in the countries of The United States of America, The Dominican Republic, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, and Spain.


What is the World Golfers Championship USA Inc. (hereinafter called WAGC US)?


WAGC US is the exclusive organization hired to run all local and national events for players to qualify to become a member of Team USA. The website for this organization is www.WAGC.US. All local events under our umbrella are one day tournaments. Majors are two day events and the National Championship is a three-day event.


Local Events


The country is divided into regions.  Each region is responsible for hosting approximately 2 events per month during the typical golf season of that area.


Each event should include the following:

  • 18 holes of golf including carts
  • Professionally run tournament by our trained tournament director.
  • Trophies for all winners
  • Lunch for all players
  • Optional cash side games (quota, gross & net skins and low net nines)
  • Members will earn Local Order of Merit points, Player of the Year points and local TEAM points.



  • Local Order of Merit Points


  • Points are awarded to the entire field at local events, based on order of finish of the overall tournament. First place earns 200 points and last place earns 25 points. The 175 points difference is then divided by the number of players in the field to determine the point increments from second to last place. Top point earners for the season qualify to the USA National Championship with no entry fee.


The Local Order of Merit Standing: The top point earner, who is a member of the local tour and has played in a minimum of 5 events, will receive free entry to the National Championship (not to exceed $750.00 in value, in order not to violate their USGA amateur status).

If the tour has more than 50 rounds played, the following applies:

Second Place finisher gets 90% discount to National Final.

With over 80 rounds, 3rd place finisher gets 80% discount

Over 110 rounds, 4th place finisher gets 70% discount.

140 rounds, 5th place get 60% discount

170 rounds, 6th place gets 50% discount

200 rounds, 7th place get 40% discount

230 rounds, 8th place gets 30% discount

260 rounds, 9th place gets 20% discount

290 rounds 10th place gets 10% discount

If a player cannot make it to the National Final, all players below will move up one step.




Local Player of the Year Points

  • 25 points for each event played
  • 50 point for each flight win of 4 players or less
  • 150 points for each flight win of 5 players or more
  • 300 points for each Tournament win (awarded with fields of 21 or more players)
  • 1 point for every dollar won in side games, gift card winnings and exemptions


There will be a winner from each tour and the national events. The Player of the Year prize is funded by the proceeds raised from 20% of the side game pots, minus expenses such as credit card charges. For smaller tours that may not raise $750.00, the amount raised will be the amount used. The funds will assist the winners in the following order of expenses:


  • If Player of the Year did not win free exemption into Nationals, then the funds will go towards entry fee to Nationals
  • Funds will go towards room at the National Championship host hotel
  • Funds will go towards travel cost of player’s choice (airfare or gas)




Local team point standings: The top five point earners on each tour will be selected to be on their local tour’s team at the National Championship.  For each local event played, the player will receive one team point. For each pre-major played, the player will receive one team point. For each major played, the player will receive 2 points. They will compete as a team at the National Championship for the Sven Tumba Trophy.


Local Tournament Format

All events will be 18 holes with two stipulated rounds of 9 holes, and low net stroke play within flights. The number of flights will vary based on the number of participants:

1-10 players = 1 flight

11-20 players = 2 flights

21-27 players = 3 flights

28-35 players = 4 flights

36 and up = 5 flights.

Maximum course handicap at all local events is 25.  Fields of 35 players or less will be evenly divided based on handicap. If more than 36 players, the field will be divided into the regular flights.


WAGC will offer 5 Majors each year.


Each event should include the following:

  • 36 holes of golf including carts
  • Professionally run tournament by our trained tournament director.
  • Trophies for all winners
  • Lunch for all players
  • Optional cash side games (quota, gross & net skins and low net nines)
  • National Order of Merits points
  • National Player of the Year points


National Order of Merit (N.O.M.) points are not the same as Local Order of Merits points. It’s a separate race where up to five players can earn a spot on Team USA and compete in the World Amateur Golfers Invitational. If a player earns a spot with Team USA, but cannot go to the World Final, the next player in line will replace him or her.

If a player wins both N.O.M. and the National Championship, the player next in line will take the N.O.M. position. N.O.M. points will be awarded for all major and pre-major tournaments.


National Order of Merit Team USA

Rounds                     Spots Awarded

1-159                                 1

160-319                             2

320-479                             3

480-639                             4

640-799                             5




National Player of the Year (P.O.Y.)

(Prize value cannot exceed $750.00 to conform to amateur status under rule 4-2g)

Player of the Year (POY) points is a separate points list based on winnings and participation at the National Championship, pre-majors, and major challenges. Points earned DO NOT travel to players home tour. Winner will receive 4 night’s accommodations at the National Championship Host hotel, and gas or airfare to nationals. P.O.Y. points will be awarded for all major and pre-major tournaments. P.O.Y. points awarded at a pre-major will have the same value as those awarded at local one day tournaments.


  • 50 points for every event played
  • 100 points for every flight win with fields of 5 or more
  • 200 points for Tournament Champion. (for fields of 40 players or more and three flights or more)
  • 1 Point for every dollar won in Flight gift card winnings and side games.



Major Tournament Format

The format for majors is the same as for local events, but played over 36 holes. If inclement weather does not permit the completion of 36 holes, the event would be considered official if 18 holes have been played by the last group.



Each flight winner at a major championship (who is a member), will earn an exemption to the National Championship. If the player can’t go, the exemption will go to the next player in line.  No cash value.


National Championship


All current WAGC US members, that are either US citizens or US residents, who have played in a minimum of five local events, and are in good standing, are eligible to enter the National Championship. Members who are considered national members because there is no tour in their area can meet the five local events requirement by playing in two majors and at least one pre-major. Members who have won an exemption, or members that have won a major during the season, will not have any entry fee.


Entry fee includes:

  • 54 holes of golf including carts
  • Professionally run tournament by our trained tournament directors
  • Trophies for all winners
  • Reception party, including cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
  • Awards banquet
  • Optional cash side games (quota, gross & net skins and low net nines)
  • National Order of Merit points for the following season
  • National Player of the year points for the following season
  • Winners of all five flights will win a spot on Team USA
  • Breakfast of Champions for all winners, including National Order of Merit winner, and their guests


Membership and cost


Membership in WAGC US is open to all amateur golfers, male and female, with a handicap of 25 or better. Annual membership fee is $189.00, and is good for one year from the date of enrollment. Benefits include WAGC US member package with WAGC US branded memorabilia, and the right to compete for a spot on Team USA.

You also get:


  • $25.00 discount on all local events
  • $50.00 discount on all Majors
  • Right to play in the National Championship
  • Right to participate in Golf trips, organized by WAGC US.
  • Much more to come


All local tours have territorial boundaries, and members will be placed in the local tour in which they live. Should you have more than one residence, you have a right to choose which tour you’d like to belong to. Should you live in an area that doesn’t have a local tour, you will be considered a “national” member until a Tournament Director has been recruited.



WAGC US is divided into five flights. Flights are based on a player’s most current tournament index, and will coincide with the appropriate flight.


Flight             Course Handicap

One                0 to 5

Two                6 to 10

Three             11 to 15

Four               16 to 20

Five                21 to 25


Tournament Index


The WAGC US tournament index reflects international guidelines. The countries that do use the slope system are at a disadvantage at the world championships. Therefore, this adjustment needs to be made to ensure fair and equitable competition at the world championship.

The WAGC US tournament index is calculated without slope and uses only tournament scores from WAGC US events. A player must have five scores with WAGC US to acquire a WAGC US tournament index and the following guidelines and handicap controls are used to figure a player’s index.


ESC Guidelines

  1. Adjusted score: The maximum allowed score on any hole for handicap purposes is two over par for a player with a course handicap (CH) of 9 or less. A player with 10-19 course handicap cannot take a score higher than 7 on any hole and players with course handicap 20-29 can maximum take 8 on any hole.
  2. Differential: The differential is the difference between a players adjusted score, and the rating of the tees which the score was made. Example: Adjusted gross score of 90 minus the tee rating of 71 would give a differential of 19. The differential is the actual score that we use to calculate the players handicap.
  3. Compute Index by adding the lowest adjusted scores used, and divide by numbers used. Multiply by .96, and that will equal the new tournament index. Example: if a player has 6 differentials available, then the 2 will be used. If those 2 differentials were 20 and 22, then the calculation would be as follows: 20 + 22 = 42 divided by 2 = 21 then multiply by .96 = 20.1
  4. To figure course handicap: Take index and round up or down to the nearest whole number.
  5. Exceptional Performance: Whenever a player’s score is entered into the system, an exceptional score test is performed against that score. If that score is at least 3 lower than the player’s handicap, the score is marked as exceptional in the system. An immediate recalculation will take place when a player enters a second exceptional score within their last 20 rounds. The player’s handicap calculation will then be based on the 8 best scores of the player’s last 20 rather than the standard 10. This procedure will be repeated for each additional exceptional score entered as long as there are two or more exceptional scores in the player’s last 20.


Temporary WAGC US Index


New members and nonmembers who have played in less than five rounds with WAGC US will be given a temporary WAGC US index based on their current USGA index. Since WAGC US doesn’t use slope to figure out CH, the player’s CH will be the player’s USGA index rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. Players who do not have a current USGA index can submit their last five score cards, showing hole-by-hole scores and the tees they played from, and the local tournament director will assign a temporary WAGC US index. New players with less than five WAGC US tournament rounds may score less than net under par at local events, but the differential recorded will be used at the player’s next WAGC US event.


New players with less than five rounds with WAGC US cannot record a round less than their differential at a Major or National Championship. If they do, their score for that day will be adjusted to reflect an index based on their new lowest score. Example: Player has a USGA handicap of 13.7 giving him or her a CH of 14 Player shoots an adjusted gross score of 82 on a par 72 course with a tee rating of 70. Their original net score would be 82 -14 = 66, or six under par. Since they don’t have a WAGC US index, their differential for the round will be the player’s adjusted index for the round and the net score will be recalculated (80 – 70 = 10). With the new CH of 10 for the round instead of 14 his adjusted net score will be two under par instead of six. For next round his CH will be 10.


National Championship Handicap Guidelines and Restrictions


Since all players at the National Championship must be members in good standing, and have played a minimum of five rounds during the season with WAGC US, they will play with their index, and there will be no adjustments to their net scores.


Playing Distance


WAGC US is following the guidelines set by WAGC Ltd. Since all play is net stroke play, there is no separate division for seniors, men, or women. All ages and genders play against each other.


During the National Championship, the men in flights 1-2-3 will play from approximately 6,300 – 6,700 yards with no forced carry over 150 yards.

Men in flights 4-5 will play from approximately 5,900 – 6,300 yards with no forced carry over 125 yards.

Ladies will play from approximately 5,000 – 5,700 yards with no forced carry over 100 yards. If that is not possible, a drop zone will be provided.

Men vs Women: When possible the women’s tee will reflect the same rating as the men’s. If it’s not possible, the USGA handicap rule 3-5 will be in effect.

During majors, when five flights are not available the following guidelines will be in affect:

Men in flights 1-2-3 (0-15 HCP) will play from approximately 6,300 – 6,700 yards with no forced carry over 150 yards.

Men in flights 4-5 (16-20) will have the option to play from 5,900 – 6,300 yards with a reduction in handicap based on course rating.

Ladies will play from approximately 5,000 – 5,700 yards with no forced carry over 100 yards. If that is not possible, a drop zone will be provided.

Men vs Women: When possible, the women’s tee will reflect the same rating as the men’s. If it’s not possible, the USGA handicap rule 3-5 will be in effect.




USGA handicap 3-5 rule


Please go to section 3-5



Sven Tumba Trophy


In honor of the Founder of World Amateur Golfers Championship, Mr. Sven Tumba, each Local tour will compete at the National Championship for the Sven Tumba Trophy.

The top 5 point earners of each local region will represent their regions against all the other regions at the Championship.  Team with the lowest net score will be declared the winners.


Team USA Captain

The Captain will be selected from the local Tournament Directors.  All directors earn points based on number of members, rounds of golf played in their region and a few other criteria.  All directors that meet their quota will play at the National Championship for a chance to be Team USA Captain.


Team USA Benefits

  • Roundtrip airfare in coach class to the World Final from players nearest US airport.
    • Hotel accommodations based on double occupancy
    • Most meals and some drinks
    • 6 rounds of golf (2 practice rounds and 4 tournament rounds)
    • All transfers in host country
    • Miscellaneous entertainment as organized by host
    • Team USA golf bag and uniforms
    • Caddies or golf cart (gratuity is not included)

Optional Side Games


Each local tour event, major, and USA National Championship will offer optional side games for players to participate in. Participation is OPTIONAL and NOT MANDATORY. Side game payouts are paid in cash but do not violate amateur status since the games are not mandatory to play.  In case of a shortened event due to weather – example: 18-hole event to a 9-hole event, 36 to 18 or 54 hole to 36, The entire pot of the side games will be calculated for the number of stipulated rounds completed.


The side games the WAGC US offer at all USA events are as follows:



Eagle = 8 points

Birdie = 4 points

Par =    2 points

Bogie = 1 point

Double bogie = 0 points

Triple Bogie or worse = 1 point


WAGC US Quota is based on a quota system, where each golfer is given a quota based on their course handicap. The quota of points is determined by the following formula:


36 minus Course Handicap. As an example:  a golfer with a 1 handicap would have a quota of 35 points, while a golfer with a 20 handicap would have a quota of 16.


Winners of the WAGC US quota are all the players whose point total for 18 holes meets or exceeds their quota (if no one meets or exceeds his or her quota, the winners are the golfer who comes the closest. First will win 65% of the pot, and second will receive 35%).


Note that points are based on gross (not handicap adjusted) scores. Your handicap is only taken into account when calculating your quota.


PAYOUTS- If the pot is worth $2000.00 and Player A has accumulated 2 points over quota, and Player B accumulated 1 point over quota, that would make 5 total points combined over quota (0, 1, 2 = 3) + (0, 1 = 2) =5). With $2000.00 in the pot divided by 5 points then each point would be worth $400.00. Player A would be paid $1200.00 and Player B would be paid $800.00. Maximum points allowed over quota is 5.


Points over Quota Breakdown

Making quota 36 points = 1 quota point

1 over quota 37 points = 2 quota points

2 over quota 37 points = 3 quota points

3 over quota 37 points = 4 quota points

4 over quota 37 points = 5 quota points



The definition of a skin is a player with the best score on any hole (it is not birdie or better).  Participants will compete in both a Giant Gross Skin and a Giant Net Skin Game.


Front 9/Back 9

Using USGA 3-5 Rule (players competing from different tees) the player or players with the lowest net score on the front 9 wins and the player with the lowest net score on the back 9 wins. The number of participants will determine the number of players paid out.


0 – 19 players – 1st and all ties for each nine

20 – 39 players – 1st, 2nd and all ties for each nine

40 – 59 players – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and all ties for each nine




Bad Weather


There will be all efforts to complete all 18 holes for local events (two stipulated rounds of nine holes), 36 for majors (two stipulated rounds of 18 holes), and 54 for Nationals (three stipulated rounds of 18 holes). If play has to be suspended due to bad weather, the committee along with the host course will decide if play will continue. If play must be canceled, the event will be considered official if the last pairing finished a minimum of 9 holes for local events, and 18 holes for majors and Nationals. If the last group has not finished as described, then the event will try to be rescheduled if possible. If the last group finishes more than described, but less than the total, the event will then become a 9-hole event for local and 18 for majors and Nationals. Example: if the last group finished 14 holes and the first group finished 18 holes in a local event, the event will then become a 9-hole tournament.


Tie Breakers


If possible, a net sudden death playoff will be used to break a tie. Example:  If player A with a 12 handicap is tied for low net with Player B, who has 15 handicap for first place, then the 15 will be given three stokes on the three lowest handicap holes. If those holes are 3, 8 and 16 and the playoff starts on hole one, the two players will play against each other with no stroke allowance on the first and second holes. If the match is still square, then player B will receive one of his three strokes on hole 3.


If a sudden death playoff is not an option, then the tie will be decided by the USGA recommended method of low net back nine. If still a tie, low net last 6, last 3, last two and last hole will be used.


Liability waiver


By joining or electronically submitting a member application and entering and playing in a WAGC US tournament (“tournament”), the participant understands and agrees that there are certain dangers involved with the participation in a golf tournament, including but not limited to being struck by lightning, getting hit by a golf club, suffering from heat exhaustion, heart attack or injury from uneven terrain, all of for which risks participant assumes and solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury to body or property against World Amateur Golfers Championship USA, Inc. Furthermore, the participant agrees that while on the premises of a WAGC US tournament, the participant, and any guest, relative or anyone else affiliated with participant, shall be present at their own risk and that WAGC US shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever to person or property of the participant or related person arising out of or in connection with the participation in the tournament or presence at the tournament. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless WAGC US from all claims by or liability to participant or affiliated person.


Pace of Play


Slow Play – Rule 6-7 states, in part: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Tournament Committee.” The following pace of play guidelines and slow play penalties, except during match play competitions, have been adopted.



  2. b) A group will be considered out of position if they fall more than 10 minutes behind
  3. c) Each group will have 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish 9 holes. or finish the 9th and 18th hole within 14 minutes of the group ahead them.
  4. d) The group will receive a one stroke penalty (each player) if they finished 9 holes, more than 2 hours 10 minutes and are more than 14 minutes behind the group ahead of them. The group will receive an additional 2 stroke penalty if the group finishes both front and back 9’s, in more than 2 hours and 10 minutes and are more than 14 minutes behind the group ahead of them.
  5. e) To assist all groups, the following, will help the groups, keep in position:
  • Score cards will have the time in which you need to finish each hole
  • There MAY be staff on holes on 4, and 13 marking your group’s time. If the group falls out of position from 11 minutes to 14 minutes, they will be given a yellow card. If the group is 15 minutes behind, they will be given a Red Card. PLEASE NOTE. These cards are friendly reminders by the staff on your current position to make you aware your group is in jeopardy of receiving a penalty. Also note that if you are in position after 6 holes and fall behind more than 14 minutes 7,8 or 9 and finish the nine more than 2 hours and 10 minutes your group will receive a penalty without any warnings. If a foursome is out of position, a tournament official may split the group into twosomes to help all four fall back into position to avoid penalty.
  • Holes 9 and 18 there will be a tournament official who will record your times and assess penalty to group if a group is in breach of the pace of play policy.
  • Pace of play penalty strokes are to be added to the 9th or 18th hole score depending on the hole the infraction occurred.
  • Time will be based on when the group enters the flag pin into the hole.


Other methods a local tour may use in monitoring groups during the round:


It is the responsibility of each player to be aware of his group’s position on the golf course. Tournament officials ARE NOT required to warn groups prior to taking the following steps to speed up play.

  1. Putting the group on the clock: After a group is put on the clock, each player will have 43 seconds to make his/her shot. If a player exceeds 43 seconds, that player will receive a one stroke penalty for the first offense, a two-stroke penalty for the second offense and disqualification for the third.
  2. Allow the group three holes to catch up: If a group is out of position and is told so by a tournament official, the group will have three holes to catch up. After three holes, if the group is still out of position as defined above, each player in the group will receive a one-stroke penalty. The group will then have three more holes to play into position to avoid a second penalty of two additional strokes.


Cancelation Policy

Cancelation policies will vary from market to market. To be eligible for a full or partial refund, a player must withdraw prior to the entry deadline, otherwise there will not be a refund. View the local tours cancelation policy for details.


Electronic Devices/Cell Phones


Electronic devices and cell phones are permitted for golf related purposes only, such as measuring distance (not slope) and calling the tournament director for assistance, or viewing live leader boards. Phones must be on silent and players should not receive phone calls during a stipulated round unless for an emergency. If a player has been deemed to abuse the use of a cell phone, such as but not limited to taking personal calls, disrupting the other players, holding up play and using it to look up wind speed, coaching tips, or used for listening to music or coaching, that player will be issued a two-stroke penalty.


Dress Code and Conduct Unbecoming


Collared shirts/mock turtlenecks are required. No jeans, denims, jogging outfits, or sweat pants are permitted. WAGC US will not tolerate swearing, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, lack of golfing etiquette, or other such behavior per the USGA® Rules of Golf. Furthermore, any actions taken, that is found to be detrimental to WAGC US, will result in tournament disqualification and/or suspension and/or expulsion from the organization.




None of our members should be subject to any type of solicitation.  No vendor, sponsor, or member have the right to solicit you in any shape or form without the prior written approval by WAGC US.  In order to keep our tour free from this, please report any type of solicitation to any of the above-mentioned corporations.


Check In

National Championship


All tour players must personally check in on site at least 60 minutes prior to their assigned tee times and be at their starting point at least 10 minutes prior to their assigned tee time. Failure to do so may result in a player forfeiting his/her tee time. If a player is not at the assigned starting point and ready to play at the assigned starting time, that player is in a breach of USGA Rule 6-3. If less than five minutes late, he/she will receive a two-stroke penalty. If more than five minutes late, that player is disqualified.


Major Championships


All tour players must personally check in with the tournament director at least 30 minutes prior to the first assigned tee time and be at their starting point at least 10 minutes prior to their assigned tee time. Failure to do so may result in a player forfeiting his/her tee time. If a player is not at the assigned starting point and ready to play at the assigned starting time, that player is in a breach of USGA Rule 6-3. If less than five minutes late, he/she will receive a two-stroke penalty. If more than five minutes late, that player is disqualified.



Spectators and Caddies


Spectators and caddies are welcome at all WAGC US tournaments provided the course allows spectators to walk the course and the spectators do not interfere with pace of play. Spectators and caddies are the responsibility of the player. Spectators must remain out of area of play and both spectators and caddies must practice proper golf etiquette at all times.


If there is an issue with the behavior of a spectator(s) or caddie(s),

the individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises. Per Rule 6.1 of the USGA® Rules of Golf, the player incurs the applicable penalty for any breach of a rule by his/her caddie, including unsportsmanlike conduct.

Spectators and/or caddies may or may not be permitted to use a cart. It is the tour’s policy that they must walk. However, if the course and the tournament director allow them to ride in a cart, it will be the tour director’s discretion to allow it.




WAGC US has live scoring capabilities and players may be asked for their current scores during a round. These scores are considered “unofficial”.


After completion of the round, the players should bring their scorecards to the official scoring area together as a group, sign them and turn them in to the scoring volunteers. Once the player has turned in his or her scorecard, and left any boundary defining the scoring area, the scorecard is considered official. The scoring area is limited to players and their caddies. Other players are not allowed to gather in the scoring area while play is in progress.


Tournament Director Participation

Tournament Directors (TD) are considered WAGC US Members with a few limitations. With some limitations they may play in all the Majors, other local tour events, National Championship and the World Championship. TD cannot participate in the side games in events they run. A TD must play in events they run with field of 3 or less, it is encouraged the TD plays in events they run with fields of 4 to 11 players. TD cannot play in events they run, if the field has 12 or more players to run the event professionally.


NOTE: Tournament Directors who violate any provision of this policy will be disqualified from the event and will not be eligible to play in the USA National Championship. 


Policy Revisions

WAGC US reserves the right to revise the current Policies & Provisions or any other aspect of tour operations and benefits at its sole discretion without notice to the general public, membership or any other entity.