National Player of the Year

Win Free Airfare and Hotel to the WAGC USA National Championship.

(Prize value can not exceed $750.00 to conform with amateur status under rule 4-2g)

Player of the Year (POY) points are separate points based on winnings, wins, and participation at the National Championship, Pre Majors, and Post Major challenges. Points earned DO NOT travel to players home tour. Winner will receive 4 nights accommodations at the National Championship Host hotel and gas or airfare to nationals*. (See players handbook for details and restrictions)  Points are awarded as follows:


  • 50 points for every event played
  • 100 points for every flight win with fields of 5 or more
  • 200 points for Tournament Champion. (for fields of 40 players or more and three flights or more)
  • 1 Point for every dollar won in Flight gift card winnings and side games

NameEvents Played Flight Wins Tournament WinsExemptionsPtsWinning Total
Randy Bryant526505501891.123091.12
John Duval3015021212271
Frank McInerney51650400969.22019.2
William Robinson41650350911.411911.41
Jerry Edwards31650300747.61697.6
Oscar Aragon316503007071657
Michael Schaal516504003261376
Adam Reynolds2010012191319
Bill McKiegan301501038.671188.67
Gina Gillman5104006221022
Gary Ruderman1050820870
Lynn Cormier1050757807
Tim Borgwardt40200592.6792.6
Jonathan Freeman30150563713
Brad Bishop20100506.14606.14
Jennifer Austin40200381.8581.8
Carlos Quilichini30150118517.71
Bill Kincaid30150352.4502.4
Shawn Jones 1050430.94480.94
Don Abreu1050424474
Tyler Marcum1050415465
Lance Cross1050411461
oscar rafols1050362412
Logan Bryant1050346.97396.97
Gregory Esquilino20100290390
Chad Schuchmann1050334384
micheal murphy (MS)30150219.6369.6
Mark Thomas50250111361
Tom Tower30150165315
Marcel Sow20100196296
Rick Lopiccolo4020092.67292.67
Gregory MacGraw1050229279
Mike Anderson (CO)1050182232
Aleem Khan3015080230
Mason Richardson 1050162212
Andy Mateka1050136186
Carl Merz2010064164
Andrew Pastewski2010060160
Dennis Archer1050102152
Bruce Pate105080130
Jose Martin105080130
Ben Thompson105065115
Carlos Gonzalez20100100
Grant Stanis20100100
Jay Strickland20100100
Luis Losada 1504292
Mark Wanke10503888
Dan Anderson10501666
Don Lyons10501666
Albert Evans105050
Cris Leon105050
Eric Cabrera105050
Keith Varney105050
Kenneth Blalock105050
Lu Cormier105050
Tanya Bodishbaugh105050
Terry Schmidt105050
Terry Swartz105050
Todd Mcseveney105050